The NGO Home is a joint working space that promotes social activity, along with savings for the organizations. It is a place where organizations can work, meet, get acquainted with other organizations, and create ventures for promoting joint goals.

The NGO Home opened its doors in 2015 as part of the joint vision of Migdal Group and the JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance, in order to establish a “home” that will allow NGOs to work in a common place, cut on resources and create joint ventures. Right now 18 organizations work at the NGO Home, representing the mosaic of the civic community, such as: parent and infrastructure organizations, organizations dealing with transparency, health, environment, employment etc. Furthermore, dozens of other organizations benefit from the social space and their members attend lectures and courses, or just come in order to work.

Civic leadership - the umbrella organization of the civic society, leads and manages the NGO Home, as a greenhouse of social activity that is common to the organizations working there, and promotes synergy and connections between them and among the entire civic society. The NGO Home provides a rare opportunity for sharing ideas between the organizations, it gives inspiration for social activity in a unique atmosphere, and it is a home that promotes the common good.

Our activity: The NGO Home uses the common space in order to promote ideas, to provide tool boxes and create synergy:

• Lectures and seminar: training the organizations regarding matters such as: time management, managing committee, mobilizing resources etc. • Courses and training: as a result of the dialogue that is created in the NGO Home, there are designated training and courses, adjusted to the NGOs’ needs, such as “Young NGOs” course – for NGOs in their first two years, in order to improve their knowledge and understanding regarding the civic society. • The NGO Home allows all NGOs to use the meeting rooms in the central space in the complex, for encounters, courses, management meetings, etc., at a convenient price. • Networking activity for the NGOs: for example, every Thursday there are “end of the week” meetings, in which all the workers in the space meet in order to share, update and consult.